A little process nonsense

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Here's a little sneak at my latest illustration and a look into my creative process. The sketch on the left was drawn using my Cintiq. I was only concerned with roughing in the main shapes and trying to get the composition right. At this stage I'm not really concerned with the details..I'll revisit that later. When I'm happy with the composition I start on the next phase which is adding in some rough color, again trying to reach a happy place with the composition. "Wham-Bam!" Now that I've got the composition the way I like it and all my colors mapped out it's time to start on the next phase which will be tight pencils of all the elements that will be in the final piece. In the tight pencil stage I'll start designing the people as well. In this particular piece all the scientists and technicians are going to be kids. I'll post some more behind the scenes pics as I continue to work on this piece!

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